A type of _second line?__ rifle magazine and equipment carrying system popular from the 1980's and into the early 2000's; later repopularized as an easy means of quickly altering the equipment attached to plate carriers around 201X?___. Chest rigs generally consist of an Y, X, or H-Harness suspension system attached to a platform that is situated over the lower or upper chest area which has several pouches or a modular system to attach pouches too with the ultimate goal being to carry and supply the end user with a faster means of retrieving equipment than having to reaching into a backpack or other load carrying system. Being situated over the chest makes it most popular for holding bulky rifle magazines for easy draw while not interfering with arm movements or rifle shouldering.

Made popular by soviet troops during their engagements in Afganistan and _______  as an effective replacement for traditional belt mounted rifle magazine systems. In the early 2000's it lost popularity among United State's armed forces as the plate carrier armor systems became the new standard in personal defense and equipment carrying.