A pouch either without a top or with a removable top. This design is used to reduce or simplify the action needed to remove the item from the pouch, increasing removal speed; due to it's design, it is most frequently applied to rifle or pistol magazine pouches. In absence of a lid the contents of the pouch are usually restrained using shock “bungee” cord, nylon “parachute” cord, a frictional pouch insert (such as elastic bands or kydex), or a magnetic pouch insert.

Table 2 c x X r Manufacturer Retention Method(s) (BAE) Shock Cord with ITW Toggle Eagle Industries (EI/EIUI) Kydex Ring with Velcro One-Wrap interior, 1/8' Shock Cord with TypeIII webbing pull-tabs Specialty Defense Systems (SDS) Rubberized Fabric Sides Tactical Assault Gear (TAG) Magnets with 1/4” Shock Cord with TypeIII webbing pull-tabs

The first appearance of a production run open-top magazine pouch is debatable, some contenders include BAE, Eagle, and others. One early inspiration is described as soldiers removing the lids of a Paraclete triple mag pouch, which used hook&loop “velcro” to adjust the lid height allowing them to be removed entirely.